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This is the eighth article.
I will introduce the autumn leaves of Hananuki Gorge from Ibaraki Prefecture, the same as Fukuroda Falls introduced in the fourth article🍁

A superb view of the suspension bridge and autumn leaves, have you seen it ?

Hananuki Gorge
Hananuki Gorge

A picture of a suspension bridge with bright red maples.
It is a photo that is frequently featured on Instagram and travel magazines😳

Yes ! The place where the photo was taken is Hananuki Gorge, which I will introduce this time !
Along with the previously introduced Fukuroda Falls, this is one of Ibaraki Prefecture's representative fall foliage spots📸

There is a hiking trail along the Hananuki River where you can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves😊

A particularly famous autumn foliage spot is called ❝Shiomi Taki Tsuribashi❞🍁
This is a place where you can take pictures of the bright red maple and the suspension bridge😎

The autumn foliage season is bustling with tourists.

Hananuki River viewed from the hiking trail
Hananuki River viewed from the hiking trail

Every year, when the autumn leaves season comes, Hananuki Gorge holds an autumn leaves festival

There are two parking lots in front of the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel🚘

Please park your car at the Hananuki parking lot in front of the tunnel.
Then you can go to the festival grounds where stalls and shops are lined up🤗

【Hananuki Gorge Information】
 Address:Ono, Takahagi City, Ibaraki, Japan
 Traffic access
 Train:From Takahagi Station on the Joban Line
     →Take the shuttle bus and get off at Hananuki Chushajo
    *Only during the autumn leaves festival, pay attention to operating days
 Car:About 15 minutes on National Route 461 etc, from Joban Expressway Takahagi IC

Article creation date:2022/9/26