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In the 15th article, following on from the previous article, I will introduce scenic spots in the Kyushu region !

I would like to introduce Ikoma Plateau in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is famous for its cosmos😊

A famous cosmos spot representing Miyazaki Prefecture !

Cosmos of Ikoma Plateau
Cosmos of Ikoma Plateau

Ikoma Plateau is located in Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture🥭
It is located at the foot of the Kirishima Mountain Range and has an altitude of approximately 500m.

Along with the Saitobaru burial mounds, Ikoma Plateau is one of Miyazaki Prefecture's most famous cosmos spots😄
Ikoma Plateau is also famous for its poppies in spring✨

There is a facility called “Flower Station Ikoma Plateau” next to the flower garden, so it would be a good idea to make that your destination when going to see cosmos🚘

Kirishima mountain range and cosmos all over
Kirishima mountain range and cosmos all over

And this is the spectacular view of the cosmos of Ikoma Plateau !

Approximately 1 million cosmos trees are planted on Ikoma Plateau😳
The scenery looks like a carpet of cosmos, and it is truly a wonderful sight✨

The Kirishima mountain range in the background is also very beautiful, as represented by Mt.Hinamori🤗

The orange cosmos in the photo is Golden cosmos, and the purple cosmos is Sensation cosmos🌼
Approximately 70% of the flower garden area is Sensation Cosmos.
The remaining 30% is the area of ​​the Golden cosmos in the foreground of the photo📸

Even within the same sensation cosmos, there are pale purple, dark purple, wine red, and even white cosmos, making them very colorful and fun !

wine red and purple cosmos
wine red and purple cosmos

No matter where you take pictures of the cosmos fields of Ikoma Plateau, you can take great photos !
Please find your own favorite place✨😊

"Double Click" cosmos
"Double Click" cosmos

It was also very interesting to see many rare varieties of cosmos planted near the entrance.

The photo above shows a variety of cosmos called "Double Click."🖱
It's a cosmos with an interesting name, and it's a rare double-flowered cosmos😳

In addition to this, there is also "Yellow Garden," which is a yellow cosmos.
There are also cosmos varieties called "Versailles" and "Picotee."
All varieties of cosmos have explanation boards, so you too can become a cosmos doctor👓

At Ikoma Plateau, a cosmos festival is also held when the cosmos are in full bloom, so be sure to visit😎
(In past Cosmos Festivals, Ecuadorian music concerts were also held🎸)

【Ikoma Plateau Information】
 Address:8565 Minaminishikata, Kobayashi City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

 Business hours:9:00-17:00
 Closed days:Open every day during the cosmos flowering period
 Fee:Adults 600 yen, elementary school students 100 yen, preschoolers free
 Traffic access
 Car:Approximately 5 minutes from Miyazaki Expressway Kobayashi IC on Prefectural Route 1 etc.

Article creation date:2022/10/6