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Today is my third introduction to scenic spots in the Kyushu region😄
Enjoy the spectacular view of autumn leaves in Oita Prefecture !

17th scenic view article📸
I would like to introduce the autumn leaves of Makinoto Pass🍁

Spectacular views of the Kuju mountains and autumn leaves !

Autumn leaves seen from Makinoto Observatory
Autumn leaves seen from Makinoto Observatory

Makinoto Pass is a mountain pass located in the Kuju Mountains at an altitude of 1,330m.
This is the highest point on the Yamanami Highway, a famous driving course in the Kyushu region🚘

There are many scenic spots along the Yamanami Highway…
If I introduce it here, the article would be too long, so I will omit it😇

Makinoto Pass has a mountain trail leading to the Kuju Mountains, so there are parking lots and rest houses
It's also a perfect spot to take a break during a drive😎

Also, on the opposite side of the mountain trail, there is an observation deck after a short climb🎒
Even without serious mountain climbing, you can easily enjoy the spectacular view of autumn leaves✨

Autumn Kuju Mountains seen from Makinoto Observatory
Autumn Kuju Mountains seen from Makinoto Observatory

This is the spectacular view of the Kuju Mountains from the Makinoto Observatory !!
The impressive of the mountains is just amazing !

The mountain with three peaks is called Mt. Mimata🤗
From there, you can see the majestic mountain slopes all the way to Chojabaru, which is flat✨

You can clearly see the bright red leaves on the mountain surface of Mt. Mimata👀

Due to the high altitude of the Kuju Mountains, the autumn leaves start to change in October every year📅
In November, the autumn leaves start to fall all the way to the foot of the mountain, so you need to be careful😅💦

The photo of the autumn leaves above was also taken in mid-October one year📸
Kyushu has an image of being warm, but the leaves in the Kuju Mountains turn red early !

Autumn leaves stairs
Autumn leaves stairs

Next, the photo above shows the autumn leaves on the mountain trail🍁
The scenery of the autumn leaves continuing like a single staircase is very beautiful😄✨

By the way, there are several observation decks along the mountain trail🏃
If you are confident in your physical strength, you should definitely try the observation deck there as well😤

【Makinoto Pass Information】
 Address:Tano, Kokonoe Town, Kusu District, Oita Prefecture, Japan
 Traffic access
 Train:From Beppu Station, get off at Kyushu Crossing Bus "Makinoto Pass" and walk a short distance
 Car:Approximately 35 minutes from Oita Expressway Kokonoe IC via Prefectural Route 11 etc.

Article creation date:2022/10/9