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Today, I would like to introduce Wadakura Fountain Park, a relaxing spot in Tokyo🤗

You can walk from Tokyo Station ! It's like an oasis in the city ! Wadakura Fountain Park !

Wadakura Fountain Park
Wadakura Fountain Park

Wadakura Fountain Park is a park located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

In the background are the skyscrapers of Otemachi, Tokyo.
This park is located in the middle of Japan's largest office district, making it a true urban oasis😊✨

You can walk from Tokyo Station, so it's perfect for a walk !

If you cross the outer moat of the Imperial Palace, which is also the ruins of Edo Castle, by bridge, you will arrive at Wadakura Fountain Park⛲

Spherical fountain and waterfall
Spherical fountain and waterfall

The large fountain shown in the first photo was built in 1961 to commemorate the marriage of His Majesty the Emperor Emeritus.
After that, it was developed as Wadakura Fountain Park in 1995🌳

As you can see in the photo above, there are fountains of various shapes in the park, and you won't get tired of looking at them✨

Wadakura Fountain Park and Gyoko Street in autumn
Wadakura Fountain Park and Gyoko Street in autumn

In autumn, the rows of ginkgo trees along Gyoko Street turn yellow, making for a wonderful sight !😄

The office district has a busy atmosphere on weekdays, but on weekends you can take a leisurely stroll☕
There are many historical sites around the Imperial Palace, so it would be a good idea to visit them together👍

【Wadakura Fountain Park Information】
 Address:3-1 Kokyo Gaien, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
 Traffic access
 Train:Approximately 8 minutes walk from Tokyo Station on the Yamanote Line
    A short walk from Otemachi Subway Station or Nijubashi-mae Subway Station

Article creation date:2022/10/5